The djembe ksink ksing or djembe kessing (also called « sege-sege » or « sesse ») adds to the sound of the djembe drum by producing a metallic jingling when it is hit, as a shaker

Attached to the top edge of the instrument, it may also be struck directly by the player’s thumbs.

It is said that it masks the « nasty » sounds of the djembe drum. Its presence is felt more if the drummer plays while standing.

Review by Bartosz, date 11 april 2016 :

« I am VERY VERY satisfied with the quality and sound of the djembe I bought from you guys ! So far it is the most beautiful piece of musical instrument I ever had in my hands. So my friends say and those who’s been playing djembe for some time love to steal my drum and play on its original mottled skin. I thank you million times for your, professional advice, help, asistance and patience. I will recommend your product and services wherever possible. THANKS ! »
Grade given to the site by Bartosz : 5/5

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Djembe ksink ksink - Buy djembe kessing

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