You have selected a specific skin on our site (castrated billygoat, calf skin, cow skin) or you already have an animal skin you wish to mount onto your djembe with high quality stringing?

Our djembe ropes kits include:

- 10 m of Ø4 mm prestretched polyester rope (black)
- 20 m of Ø5 mm prestretched polyester rope (black)

Hilyard are stiff cords, prestretched with a polyester core which gives it great resistance. Prestretching stops it lengthening too much in certain situations.

It is particularly suited to reheading a djembe by using a lever, ensuring maximum, long-lasting tension of the instrument.

To preserve its mechanical characteristics, please be sure to not twist it when mounting your instrument.

Review by SubXyco, date 7 march 2016 :

« Very very good quality Skins, thick and preshaved like i wanted it! Best regards from Germany :D »
Grade given to the site by SubXyco : 5/5

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Djembe ropes - Buy djembe mounting und repair kit