These remnants of medium thickness cow skin are suited for reheading a dundun or a drum with a quality animal skin with a thickness from 1 to 2 mm.

They are collected from specialized slaughterhouses in Bouaké (Ivory Coast) and de-greased on site.

An insecticide treatment is applied directly after the skins are dried, protecting them from woodworms.

We check all skins systematically before shipping them : any skins with major defects (scars, holes, warts) will be put aside.

Review by SubXyco, date 7 march 2016 :

« Very very good quality Skins, thick and preshaved like i wanted it! Best regards from Germany :D »
Grade given to the site by SubXyco : 5/5

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Medium thickness cow skin for djembe drum - Buy djembe skin