Guinea djembe

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Dimensions & materials

  • Diameter of strike zone : 34 cm
  • Height : 61 cm
  • Weight : 7,5 kg
  • Kind of wood : Melina (Gmelina arborea)
  • Thin goat skin
  • Halyard (5 mm, black)

A product of African craftsmen (Guinea)

Guinea djembe - Large Guinean djembe drum

The legacy of unique expertise, this Guinea djembe was created by Guinean craftsmen unequalled in all of West Africa.

Melina (Boumou) is a slightly less dense wood than those traditionally used in the fabrication of djembés from Mali while offering the same acoustic quality.

It is preferred by djembefolas who prioritize weight over sturdiness, appreciated by those who play standing up or who have to transport their instrument.

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