Guinea djembe - Custom djembe

Supreme Guinea djembe selects top range djembe shells and entrusts their mounting to Mathieu Taylor, professional percussionist and experienced assembler. These djembes of exceptional quality are mounted with different types of skins in our workshops located in Bordeaux and combine unique tones with an original aesthetic.

To make the djembes of Guinea Supreme, chooses its best top range Guinean djembe shells.

These djembe drums are then mounted by Mathieu Taylor with goat, bovine, equine (donkey, horse, mule...) or cervid (deer, elk...) skin and high quality pre-stretched ropes. Each djembe is thus personalised thanks to our wide choice of skin types and string colours.

Mathieu Taylor’s know-how is based on 20 years of artistic practice and experience in the manufacture and assembly of African percussion instruments, particularly djembes. He has worked with some of the most renowned Guinean craftsmen before refining his own assembly techniques. See models already sold »