Guinea djembe - Premium quality djembe

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Prestige Guinea djembe

The Prestige Guinea djembe is a high-end djembe. Its quality of execution is identical to that of the Guinea djembe +. It owes its excellence to the finishing work pushed to the extreme by Guinean sculptors and assemblers.

Produced in a specialised workshop in Conakry (Guinea), the Prestige Guinea djembe is made using a process similar to that of the Guinea djembe +, from the same diversity of wood from the forests of Fouta-Djalon.

The selection of the djembe shells is therefore based at least on the same criteria as for a higher class Guinean djembe: shape, almost no sapwood and imperfections, general appearance of the wood...

Consisting of a thick shell made of heavy or semi-heavy wood and a high-strength pre-stretched halyard rope, the Prestige Guinea djembe can withstand any type of mounting: traditional goat skin, bovine skin (calf, cow), equine skin (donkey, horse, mule), cervid skin (antelope, deer, elk)...

The finishing work is particularly meticulous: smooth and shiny shell, finely and precisely sculpted reliefs, "hat" mounting with skirt, foot protection with a nailed tyre...

The level of quality and finish of the Prestige Guinea djembe is exceptional. It reflects the professionalism of Guinean craftsmen.