Guinea dundunba (4 irons)

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220 € the dundunba

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A 30€ reduction for a combined purchase of a kenkeni, a sangban and a dununba*.

Dimensions & materials

  • Skin diameter : 40,5 cm
  • Length : 69,5 cm
  • Weight : 17,9 kg
  • Kind of wood : Lengue (linke) (Afzelia africana)
  • Cowskin
  • Braided rope (black)

A product of African craftsmen (Guinea)

Lingue 4 irons dundunba dunun - Guinea dunun drum

In the dunun drums family, the dununba plays at the lowest pitch and answers the djembe soloist.

Each Guinea dununba is conceived in the purest tradition of the Guinean craftsmen who combine expertise and traditional skills.

Rosewood (gueni) is the densest wood used in the fabrication of Malian djembes.

Widely appreciated in Burkina Faso for its acoustic qualities, it is also used in the fabrication of the keys for balafons (African xylophones).

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  • Alex 06. 5/5 2 months ago

    Beautiful drum, great service, thanks!

  • HAROLD 06. 5/5 1 year ago

    Very happy with the drum, sounds great!

  • Sh 06. 5/5 1 year ago

    I am very happy with the dun duns and bells. Thank you for your advice and your quick replies!

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