Large djabara with beads

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50 € the djabara

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Dimensions & materials

  • Diameter : 26 to 28 cm
  • Calabash
  • Nylon yarn
  • Number of pearls: c. 780
  • Plastic pearls

A product of African craftsmen (Burkina Faso)

African Shekere for sale - Large djabara with beads

The large djabara consists of a medium-sized calabash with its bottom cut off; covered with a net strung with cowrie shells, seeds or pearls.

This African shekere is normally played while dancing; it can be shaken, pulled by the net to slap it, thrown from one hand to the other, or it can be thrown into the air and caught in rhythm.

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  • Zoltan 05. 4/5 3 years ago

    I bought 4 djembes, the shipping time was only 5 days, do it is good enough. I ordered 4 different colour and pattern djembes . I got 2 same in the package . The djembes are beautiful handmade products and the sounds are amazing for all. The communication with the seller is good . I prefer to buy 15-20 more in the this year or next year.
    Thank you for the djembes.