Ropes and medium-thickness shaved goat skin for djembe

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Due to recent changes in EU legislation, it is no longer possible to directly and legally import animal skins from many countries in sub-Saharan Africa.
We are actively looking for solutions to offer quality skins in various thicknesses as we are used to, but it could last a few weeks or even months.
If you wish to be notified as soon as we receive new stocks, please let us know by e-mail.

Photo non contractuelle. Taille et teinte variables selon la peau. Vous pouvez préciser vos besoins dans la partie « A propos de votre commande » située en fin de commande (sélection possible sous réserve du stock disponible). Ces peaux naturelles présentent parfois des défauts mineurs sans conséquence, ni sur leur qualité, ni sur le son de votre instrument. Lisez nos conseils à ce propos ci-dessous.

Dimensions & materials

  • Medium thickness shaved goat skin

A product of African craftsmen (Mali)

Djembe mounting and repair kit for sale - Ropes and medium-thickness shaved goat skin for djembe

This djembe mounting and repair kit contains:

  • 1 medium-thickness shaved goat skin
  • 10 m of Ø4 mm prestretched polyester rope (black)
  • 20 m of Ø5 mm prestretched polyester rope (black)

We suggest a medium-thickness goat skin for reskinning a djembe whose strike diameter is less than 34 cm.

This type of skin is considered suitable for percussionists seeking a multi-purpose sound, harmonically balanced.

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