Thin goat skin with hairs

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17 € the skin
15 € the skin from 10 units
14 € the skin from 20 units

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Dimensions & materials

  • Width : 50 to 60 cm
  • Length : 60 to 100 cm
  • Thin unshaved goat skin

A product of African craftsmen (Ivory Coast)

Djembe skin for sale - Thin goat skin with hair for djembe and drum

We suggest a thin goatskin for reheading a djembe or a drum whose strike diameter is less than 30 cm.

This type of replacement skin for djembe or drum head is suitable for percussionists seeking a subtle, harmonically rich sound.

Overall product rating : 4.6 / 5

  • stray 06. 5/5 3 days ago

    excellent quality and speedy service for reasonable cost

  • yaron 06. 5/5 3 months ago

    exelent quality .fair price .quick service.

  • K 06. 5/5 6 months ago

    Very Nice skins delivered quickly. Again. Many thanks.

  • chris 06. 5/5 7 months ago

    I am very happy with the Mali goat skin and your very prompt dispatch, A great service ,thank you.

  • João Rodrigues 06. 5/5 8 months ago

    Best online store in Europe to buy any African instrument !!! fabulous goat skins too !!! very fast and smooth delivery! I recommend

  • Angus 06. 5/5 8 months ago

    I ordered a medium goat skin which is great quality and arrived quickly. I am now thinking of buying wholesale shells and skins from you. Thank you for a great service.

  • andy P 02. 1/5 10 months ago

    Djembe drum goat skin - thick shaved goatskin.
    Good quality, even thickness, no faults in the centre part.
    Fast delivery to UK.

  • wild_project 06. 5/5 11 months ago

    Thank you very much for your smooth service, the product is very good quality and came with fast delivery. Thank you very much once again and I’ll definitely comeback to you soon.

    All the best


  • K 06. 5/5 1 year ago

    Very happy with another excellent skin. Well packaged and fast delivery. I expect to return to you in the future. Many thanks. K

  • K 06. 5/5 2 years ago

    Another lovely skin delivered very quickly. Many thanks.

  • K 06. 5/5 2 years ago

    Lovely skin, helpful service, fast delivery. Many thanks.
    I’ll be back.

  • yaron 06. 5/5 2 years ago

    Exelent product.and price.the price of expedition is a little bit expensive.but it worth it,thank you.

  • yaron 06. 5/5 3 years ago

    Good service ,good quality,and fast shipping

  • yaron 06. 5/5 3 years ago

    100 satisfied,good quality products ,fair prices.

  • Bee 06. 5/5 3 years ago

    Fast delivery and excellent skins. I am very happy with an organisation like percussion-africaine.

  • Devilheart 06. 5/5 4 years ago

    I always bought some skins, ropes and other mats. Everytime services are excellent and really very fast.

  • SubXyco 06. 5/5 4 years ago

    Very very good quality Skins, thick and preshaved like i wanted it! Best regards from Germany :D

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