Djembe for children

Ø21 to 23 cm - Kind of wood : Tweneboa - ... Data sheet   Customer reviews
46 € the djembe

max. 26

Dimensions & materials

  • Diameter of strike zone : re 21 to 23 cm
  • Height : re 47 to 50 cm
  • Weight : re 2,5 to 4 kg
  • Kind of wood : Tweneboa (Cordia millenii)
  • Goat skin
  • Braided rope (black)

A product of African craftsmen (Ghana)

Small djembe for children - Children’s djembe drum

This djembe drum is the best for the youngest djembefolas!

Particularly adapted for improving the musical and rhythmic awareness of the child, this small children’s Ghana djembe is an invitation to the acoustic universe of West Africa!

Like all our Ghanaian djembe drums, it is conceived by crafsmen from Ghana using local materials with their traditional expertise and skills.

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