Large thick cow skin

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Skin with hair.
Ces peaux de grande qualité n’ont pas été préparées lors du séchage : prévoir de les étirer après trempage, et un temps de nettoyage avant montage.
Attention : ces peaux ne conviennent pas pour le montage d’un djembé, d’un sangban ou d’un dounoumba, mais parfaites pour une conga !

Not contractual photo. Skins with hair! Thicknesses and colors vary from skin to skin: please specify what you are looking for and how you plan to use them in the commentary space on the order form so that we may choose the best skin for you (selection subjects to availability of stock).

Dimensions & materials

  • Diameter : 58 to 64 cm
  • Thick cowhide

A product of African craftsmen (Ivory Coast)

Djembe skin for sale - Large thick cow skin for djembe and drum

We suggest using a thick cow skin or a bull skin for reskinning a conga or a drum with a quality animal skin with a thickness more than 2 mm.

Attention! Skilled practice and reskinning required! A lever and locking pliers required. Fragile hands should not attempt this!

It is equally important to choose a thick shell, with a high quality dry wood to mount this type of skin. Indeed, the risk of deformation is higher when using very thick goatskins or cowhides.

Overall product rating : 4.4 / 5

  • Rolex 06. 5/5 6 months ago

    Happy to do business again :) cheers guys, God bless!

  • Davis 06. 5/5 1 year ago

    Great skin with even thickness. - Fast shipping, thanks a lot. ;)

  • mahen kirinde 03. 2/5 2 years ago

    Bought cow skin medium- top quality, also 5 mm copper orange alpine rope, also the quality is very good (polyester double core.) very fast delivery. definitely recommend for your percussion needs.

  • SHIMIZU 05. 4/5 3 years ago

    Despite the busy period at the end of the year, the store clerk was responsive and sent me the product that I was asking (a thick cow skin in a dark chocolate color).

    The skin quality is very high, in my opinion, because it is very consistent all across. There is no choice of colors etc. when one orders the skin, I wish I could choose the color of the skin by the drop down menu or have a different sought after colors or patterns etc. as a different item.

    Thank you for sending me the dark chocolate skin. The skin is very consistent and I find it to be of high quality.

  • Devilheart 06. 5/5 4 years ago

    I always bought some skins, ropes and other mats. Everytime services are excellent and really very fast.

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