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African-percusion.net is an online store specialized in the sale of african djembe drums and percussion instruments proposed by the association of CEPACI since 1996:

Professional quality musical instruments, due to an intense and lasting partnership with local handcraftsmen,

Fair prices to support their production in good working conditions and environmental friendliness.

A diverse selection of djembes

Whether you are looking for your first djembe drum, or you’re a veteran djembefola, we provide lots of African djembes from the best workshops (Malian djembe, Guinean djembe, Ghanaian djembe). From the most traditionnal (Mali djembe, Ghana djembe) to the the most elaborate (Top Mali djembe, Guinea djembe) or specific models (small children’s djembe, medium djembe, cow skin djembe, djembe shell), everyone will find the suitable instrument... Anyway, we hope!

A large choice of dunun drums

Because harmonious combination of dundun bass drums sublimate any polyrhythm, we select kenkeni, sangban and dundunba with the utmost care. Sonority, materials, finishes... all criterias are carefully examined. From Mali dunun drums made of fine woods, to Ghana dunduns made of wood from sustainably managed forest, African-percussion.net is a large choice of fine quality products, with a concern for environmental respect.

A wide range of balafons

We distribute 12, 16 or 20 keys “bala bamba” pentatonic balafons, and 15 or 21 keys heptatonic Guinean balafons. We offers a pair of mallets with each balafon.

Lots of traditional African drums

Cause African percussions are a vast universe of unique stringed instruments and drums, African-percussion.net brings you original musical instruments to complete your percussion set: ngoni, conga, krin log drum, dundun or tama talking drum ou , shamanic drum, atumpan, fontomfrom, kagan, kpanlogo, sogo... You’ll find calabashes too, of all sizes, for making your own balafon, bara, berimbau, bolon, cowrie calabash, djabara, kora, maraca, ngoni, sanza, soukou or water drum!

Small percussion instruments

We also offer various small traditionnal percussion instruments ideal for the awakening of your young children or to enrich your rhythm section.

Accessories for djembe repair or making drum

African-percussion.net provides lots of accessories for traditionnal mouting of djembes or drums : all thickness of goat skins (or billygoat skin) and cow skins (ox skin, bull skin, cowhide, calf skin) are available, as well as a large choice of ropes of various diameters and colors.

... and a support team of possionate players to serve you

Our association works to propose a qualitative, comprehensive and affordable offer, with a service of quality ever more demanding:

From Monday to Friday, we ship goods the same day for orders received before 1 PM, as soon on Monday morning for orders received during the weekend,

Each instrument is custom packaged with care and delivered by registered parcel (shipping costs included an insurance in cas of loss of or damage).

And because it’s not yet possible to touch a djembe shell or to feel smoothness of its skin through a computer screen, our custumer service lends you its hands and its expert eye: if you have any question about sound and features of a percussion instrument, or or how to care for it, don’t hesitate to contact us »