Mali djembe

Mali djembe

The quality of the Malian djembe is a reference for most percussionists. The classical Mali djembe is very versatile and offers a wide range of aesthetics.

The Malian djembe is made of several heavy or semi-heavy woods from the Malian savannah: cassia, mahogany (djala), duki (dugura), rosewood (gueni), fan palm (kolo kolo), lengue, melina...

These woods are very robust and allow you to make djembe with a goatskin of any thickness or even an oxskin.

The Mali djembes that we offer are made from high-strength rope. It can therefore withstand the high level of tension required by the thickest skins.

Their foot is crowned with a sober carving of traditional motifs in order to preserve and enhance the natural aspect of the wood.

These djembes are made in a specialised workshop located in Bamako (Mali).