Bwaba balafon

300 € the balafon

max. 10

Pair of mallets supplied with each balafo.

Dimensions & materials

  • Minimum height : 23 to 25 cm
  • Maximum height : 65 to 70 cm
  • Length : 1,1 to 1,1 m
  • Length of the smallest key : 33 to 35 cm
  • Length of the longest key : 54 to 56 cm
  • Weight : 7 to 9 kg
  • Calabash
  • Cord

A product of African craftsmen (Burkina Faso)

Bwaba balafon

The bwaba balafons are typical of the Dedougou region, located in Burkina-Faso. They are the balafons played by the griots of the Bwaba culture.

Mounted with 15 keys, they are famous thanks to their original shape and are part of the Burkinabe musical identity.

The design of the bwaba balafon gives it a very particular sound compared to the traditional pentatonic Guinea balafon, as several keys can resound in each of its gourds.

The suspension of the keys also provides a more damped sound.


We advise you to use headphones for a better appreciation of the sound qualities of the instrument. Additional videos sent on request via the WhatsApp application.