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Who is behind African-percussion.net?

Percussion-africaine.com is a website dedicated to the hand-crafted djembe and the african percussion instrument from West Africa. It offers a wealth of information about the world of African drumming as well.

Percussion-africaine.com offers high quality musical instruments and accessories, at the best price, created by famous craftsmen in Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea and Mali, using traditional skills and locally-sourced materials.

Percussion-africaine.com was created in Bordeaux, France, an initiative by the members of the CEPACI, an association whose mission is to promote African cultural heritage. Percussion-africaine.com is the vision of David, its director, and Samuel, its webmastert.

Percussion-africaine.com is above all an impassioned group of enthusiasts, constantly seeking feedback and the sharing of information. Please do not hesitate to write us, to ask our advice or just dish about percussion! If you are in the Bordeaux area and you would like to meet us, please do not hesitate to come on by.

African craftsmanship and indigenous arts from Africa

Percussion-africaine.com has also been a long-time friend to Tiwara and its boutiques of african arts and crafts:

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