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Dunun African drum No. 1 - Dundun drum of Africa

Dunun & others drums

The dunun drums, also called dunduns are African bass drums found all over West Africa. The dunun drums set allows the drummer to play many different Mandinka rhythms and includes:

 the kenkeni drum, which plays at the highest pitch and generally serves as the metronome in simple rhythms.
 the sangban drum, which plays at an intermediate pitch and is generally the soloist
 the dununba drum or dununba, which plays at the lowest pitch and answers the djembé soloist.

Each dunun drum offered in our shop comes from the traditional workshop of a great Malian or Ghanian craftsman.

A 30€ reduction for a combined purchase of a kenkeni, a sangban and a dununba*.

Bodies and voices of the ancestors, gods and genies speaking to humanity, or inversely, spokesman of Men dealing with the dark powers who reign over the Universe, the African drum sings, and also speaks. It’s still a fundamental institution present at major life events: marriages, births, enthronement of a sovereign, divining or healing sessions, funerals, wars... At these times, African traditional drum evokes and reminds us of the beliefs, legends and precepts of order and life. Sometimes ornamented with figures associated with the myths of the African peoples, or with designs derived from indigenous body scarring, weaving and basketwork, it continues to be fabricated and played in village ensembles. Our selection of African drums come from workshops in Mali or Ghana, using local materials and traditional skills.

*The reduction will be automatically applied if your shopping cart contains the items listed.