Pentatonic balafon 8 keys

85 € the balafon

max. 13

A pair of mallets is included with each balafon.

Dimensions & materials

  • Minimum height : 12 to 14 cm
  • Maximum height : 18 to 20 cm
  • Length : 49 to 50 cm
  • Length of the smallest key : 26 to 28 cm
  • Length of the longest key : 35 to 37 cm
  • Weight : 4.5 to 5,5 kg

A product of African craftsmen (Burkina Faso)

Pentatonic balafon 8 keys - African xylophone

The tuning of these “bala bambara” balafons is based on the C-major pentatonic scale (C - D - E - G - A).

Our 8 keys pentatonic balafons are best for balafonists who appreciate the acoustic performance of a high-quality perfectly tuned instrument.

Our collection of balafon xylophones come from Burkina Faso, Mail and Guinea. They are created by craftsmen whose traditional skills have been passed down for generations from father to son.

The keys of these balafons are cut from wood from trees which have been dead for years, of which only the duramen (“heart wood”) remains. They are then treated by fire to remove all liquid or bacteriological substances, giving them sustained. warm sounds.