Burkina Faso Percussion Africaine djembe - Individual djembe

Burkina Faso Supreme djembe

Percussion Africaine selects high quality djembe shells from Burkina Faso and entrusts their assembly to Antoine Guillain, an experienced professional percussionist and assembler. Assembled with different types of skins, these djembes combine exceptional sound and aesthetic qualities.

To make these Burkina Faso Supreme djembes, Percussion Africaine chooses its best Burkinabe djembe shells of the highest quality.

These djembe drums are then assembled by Antoine Guillain » with goat, bovine, equine (donkey, horse, mule...) or cervid (deer, elk...) skin and high quality pre-stretched strings. Each djembe is thus personalised thanks to the wide choice of skin types and string colours we have available.

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