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Djembe skin - Goat skins for djembe drum

Goat skins

With high quality membranes, these goat skins collected in the slaughterhouses of Mali are recommended for reskinning a djembe or a drum head. We check all skins systematically before shipping them: any skins with major defects (scars, holes, warts) will be put aside. The thicker the skin is, the less it plays harmonic sounds; the thinner it is, the more its sound is subtle, rich in nuances.

Shipments of skins from the Sahel are currently disrupted due to the political situation in the countries of supply. We hope that deliveries will return to normal as soon as possible, but unfortunately we cannot give you a specific date. In the meantime, please be assured that we will do our utmost to find alternative solutions. Thank you for your understanding.

Freshly de-greased on site, these replacement skins for djembe or drum head have not been otherwise modified. They allow the maintenance of a layer of fur or you may shave the skin yourself. Note: this is quite a delicate operation and requires a certain skill in order to not damage the skin! Dried naturally, not salted or tanned, these skins are dried naturally and are sustainably protected by an insecticide treatment.