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Djembe skin - Goat skins for djembe drum

Goat skins

With high quality membranes, these goat skins collected in the slaughterhouses of Mali are recommended for reskinning a djembe or a drum head. We check all skins systematically before shipping them: any skins with major defects (scars, holes, warts) will be put aside. The thicker the skin is, the less it plays harmonic sounds; the thinner it is, the more its sound is subtle, rich in nuances.

Freshly de-greased on site, these replacement skins for djembe or drum head have not been otherwise modified. They allow the maintenance of a layer of fur or you may shave the skin yourself. Note: this is quite a delicate operation and requires a certain skill in order to not damage the skin! Dried naturally, not salted or tanned, these skins are dried naturally and are sustainably protected by an insecticide treatment.