Guinea djembe - Professional djembe

Guinea djembe +

The Guinea djembe + competes with its Malian cousin. Available in a wide range of woods, this high quality djembe offers great versatility, robustness and a high level of finish.

The Guinea djembe + is made from heavy or semi-heavy woods: mahogany (djalla), dimba (dugura), rosewood (gueni), kolo (fan palm), lingue... These woods, coming from the forest areas of Fouta-Djalon, are lighter than the same woods from the sub-Saharan savannas because the trees grow faster in the heart of tropical forests. This particularity makes it possible to produce thicker Guinean djembe shells while retaining a weight similar to that of Mali djembe shells.

With its high quality pre-stretched halyard rope, the Guinea + djembe can therefore be traditionally mounted with any type of goat skin or other thick skin for djembe: cattle skin (calf, cow), equine skin (donkey, horse, mule), cervid skin (deer, elk)...

The sanding is finished by rubbing wood against wood to dam up the fibres and obtain a smooth and shiny shell. Its relief decorations are the work of Guinean sculptors, renowned for their excellence.

The "hat" mounting completes the appearance of the instrument with a skirt, and is the signature of an association of original techniques that makes this kind of djembe unique in West Africa.

The Guinea + djembe comes directly from the best specialised workshops in Conakry (Guinea).