Mali djembe - Professional djembe

Mali djembe +

The Mali djembe + is a superior quality djembe. It is lighter than a classic Malian djembe and offers the same versatility and aesthetic diversity.

Steaming the Mali djembe + shell involves exposing it to saturated air at high temperatures for several years. The process increases the resistance of the djembe wood without adding chemicals. This change in property allows the shell to be hollowed out further and to reduce its thickness without affecting its robustness. This is an important point for those who prefer to play the djembe standing, as the weight gain is about 2 kg compared to a classic Mali djembe.

The Mali djembe + is also available in a wide variety of woods and can be mounted with any kind of skin. Its pre-stretched halyard rope withstands the extreme levels of tension required by the thickest goat and cow skins.

On the finishing side, the djembe shell is first carefully inspected to treat any micro-cracks. It is then sanded with extra fine sandpaper.

The crown of traditional motifs carved on the foot of the djembe is executed with the same sobriety as on the classic Mali djembe. The djembe shell is finally coated with a mixture of beeswax and terpine to protect the wood and enhance its natural appearance.

The skin skirt of some models brings an original aesthetic touch and also protects the upper part of the string.

The Mali djembes + that we offer come directly from a workshop in Bamako.