Personalized djembe - Guinea djembe

Signature Guinea djembe

Percussion Africaine chooses top-of-the-range djembe drums from Guinea and entrusts their assembly to Mathieu Taylor », professional percussionist and experienced fitter. Mounted with different types of skins, these djembes combine exceptional sound and aesthetic qualities.

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The best Guinean djembe shells are selected to make unparalleled djembes thanks to the wide choice of skins and string colours we have.

These djembe shells are assembled in our workshops by Mathieu Taylor » with a natural skin and high quality polyester ropes (pre-stretched double braid). All components used are carefully inspected before the instrument is mounted.

The Signature djembes offer a wide variety of timbres thanks to the different types of skin used : goat skin, steer skin (calf or thin cow), equine skin (donkey, horse, mule...) or deer skin (stag, elk...).

With their incomparable finish, these djembes are intended for passionate musicians looking for a professional quality sound and a unique style.

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