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Tumba tumbadora - Buy conga drums with tuning lugs

Congas with tuning lugs

An instrument with mainly African roots (ashantis, bantoues, fons, yorubas), the conga is a drum which exists in several sizes: the quinto (or primero) is the conga with the highest pitch, playing solos, the conga (or segundo) is the medium-size conga, the tumba (or salidor) is the widest conga with the deepest sound, the tumbadora is a version of the tumba conga with a very deep sound, and the super tumba is a rare version of the tumba conga with an even deeper sound. We offer tumbadoras of very high quality: solid, cut from a single very dense piece of wood, offering exceptionally high quality sound. Their timbre is softer than that of a conga constructed from several pieces of wood or molded in synthetic fiber. These conga drums are built by Malian artisans using traditional materials and ancestral skills.

The tumba - salidor - is the conga drum with the bass sound. The strike diameter of our tumbas is 30,5-35 cm.