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  • Rocky On Percussion 06. 5/5

    Very good super customer service!!

    The Djembe i ordered came well packed and very quick.
    i bought a 13,5 inch Loko djembe with a thin goat skin to use in my Events around the world and sounds bloody amazing !!
    I Will be buying more of your drums ,thank you very much you have one very Happy customer !! Merci

  • Bety 06. 5/5

    We are always very happy with communication, quick solutions, packing, transport... Thank You!

  • Bogdan 06. 5/5

    I receved great ghana djembe just today! I am so happy with it, and i hope i will enjoy it for a while! thank u, best regards from Serbia! :D

  • Davis 06. 5/5

    Great skin with even thickness. - Fast shipping, thanks a lot. ;)

  • Lev 06. 5/5

    Thanks guys, professional service, nice instruments, i would do business again. Good luck, have a nice summer;)

  • K 06. 5/5

    Very happy with another excellent skin. Well packaged and fast delivery. I expect to return to you in the future. Many thanks. K

  • Lev 06. 5/5

    Instruments arrived quickly, good quality, professional team. Thanks guys!

  • Levi 02. 1/5

    Nice stuff guys, I ordered a set of dunduns,
    arrived safely, professional crew and costumer services. happy days :) thanks you so much!

  • Levi 04. 3/5

    I ordered 4 ghanian djembes from this nice website, the team was pro, instantly helping via email. djembes arrived, all well wrapped, well done guys, i will do business again, cheers! L

  • SogratefultoDavid 06. 5/5

    I can not tell you how grateful I am for the African percussionist. My husband and I took a huge risk in ordering an expensive set of dunun drums at an unknown company in France. Yet, they were true professionals in every sense of the word. David, the owner, kept in constant touch with me, soothing my fears and getting them immediately after the order, so the follow-up was done immediately.

    David, the owner was incredibly nice and our beautiful drums arrived less than a week after being ordered from France to the US and we are now enjoying it endlessly.

    Thank you really David for showing me, there are really honest and wonderful people still in the world !!!! Kerrie & Pardon Kanda

  • mahen kirinde 03. 2/5

    Bought cow skin medium- top quality, also 5 mm copper orange alpine rope, also the quality is very good (polyester double core.) very fast delivery. definitely recommend for your percussion needs.

  • TeeCee Musumba 06. 5/5

    Goods arrived on time.

  • Zoltan 05. 4/5

    I bought 4 djembes, the shipping time was only 5 days, do it is good enough. I ordered 4 different colour and pattern djembes . I got 2 same in the package . The djembes are beautiful handmade products and the sounds are amazing for all. The communication with the seller is good . I prefer to buy 15-20 more in the this year or next year.
    Thank you for the djembes.

  • K 06. 5/5

    Another lovely skin delivered very quickly. Many thanks.

  • K 06. 5/5

    Lovely skin, helpful service, fast delivery. Many thanks.
    I’ll be back.

  • yaron 06. 5/5

    Exelent product.and price.the price of expedition is a little bit expensive.but it worth it,thank you.

  • yaron percusion 06. 5/5

    Good service ,good quality,and fast shipping

  • yaron percusion 06. 5/5

    100 satisfied,good quality products ,fair prices.

  • Aleksandra 06. 5/5

    I have got what I wanted evenif it is quite rare instrument. It came quickly and in good conditione.

  • Fiene 06. 5/5

    Fast delivery and excellent skins. I am very happy with an organisation like percussion-africaine.

  • mika 06. 5/5

    Simply wonderful! I use for cooking

  • SHIMIZU 05. 4/5

    Despite the busy period at the end of the year, the store clerk was responsive and sent me the product that I was asking (a thick cow skin in a dark chocolate color).

    The skin quality is very high, in my opinion, because it is very consistent all across. There is no choice of colors etc. when one orders the skin, I wish I could choose the color of the skin by the drop down menu or have a different sought after colors or patterns etc. as a different item.

    Thank you for sending me the dark chocolate skin. The skin is very consistent and I find it to be of high quality.

  • SB 06. 5/5

    Order arrived quickly and really well packaged to the UK - thanks for great service.

  • Richard. 06. 5/5

    Good quality products, reasonable prices and quick delivery. Many thanks :-)

  • ukphil 06. 5/5

    Excellent service
    calabash arrived ok
    well packaged

  • Devilheart 06. 5/5

    I always bought some skins, ropes and other mats. Everytime services are excellent and really very fast.

  • Eamon Carrick 06. 5/5

    I recieved the drums yesterday. Very fast and efficiant. The packing was 110% brilliant as Swarzaneggar says "ill be back". Chat to you again soon Eamon

  • Bartosz 06. 5/5

    I am VERY VERY satisfied with the quality and sound of the djembe I bought from you guys ! So far it is the most beautiful piece of musical instrument I ever had in my hands. So my friends say and those who’s been playing djembe for some time love to steal my drum and play on its original mottled skin. I thank you million times for your, professional advice, help, asistance and patience. I will recommend your product and services wherever possible. THANKS !

  • tulkas 06. 5/5


  • Orange Raiden 06. 5/5

    I bought a large Ghana djembe. I’m started play djembe almost few days ago and I didn’t know which djembe to choose. After some research I knew how exactly will faced my Djembe. Than after some googling I found it here at african-percussion.net. Thanks a lot all of you! Jah bless you! (=

  • SubXyco 06. 5/5

    Very very good quality Skins, thick and preshaved like i wanted it! Best regards from Germany :D

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Are you a client? Please write a review of African-percussion.net!

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