Ghana djembes

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88 € the djembe from 4 djembes

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Dimensions & materials

  • Skin diameter : 32 to 33 cm
  • Height : 60 to 64 cm
  • Weight : 5.5 to 8,5 kg
  • Kind of wood : Tweneboa (Cordia millenii)
  • Goat skin
  • Braided rope (black)

A product of African craftsmen (Ghana)

Large Ghana djembe - Cheap djembe drum wholesale

The large Ghana djembe is fabricated with tweneboa (« the drum tree »), a white wood from sustainably managed forests.

This djembe drum is best for djembefolas seeking a multi-purpose, versatile instrument, easy to play, and a very good value for the price paid.

Available in a wide range of dimensions, the Ghana djembe is suitable for beginning as well as advanced djembefolas.

Like all our Ghanaian djembe drums, each Ghana djembe is conceived by ghanaian craftsmen using local materials and traditional skills.

Overall product rating : 4.6 / 5

  • Zoltan 04. 3/5 1 year ago

    I can not hear any different between normal or solo Ghana djembes. All of what I bought has false sound. I did at home rope adjusting ,than get better sound but not much .
    Price is good for those quality.

  • Zoltan 04. 3/5 1 year ago

    I bought 4 of Ghana djembes, all of that a bit not too nice sound. I think that all need rope tuning. The body carving is beautiful of all. Price for this quality is ok.

  • Bety 06. 5/5 4 years ago

    We are always very happy with communication, quick solutions, packing, transport... Thank You!

  • Rolex 06. 5/5 4 years ago

    Instruments arrived quickly, good quality, professional team. Thanks guys!

  • Zoltan 05. 4/5 4 years ago

    I bought 4 djembes, the shipping time was only 5 days, do it is good enough. I ordered 4 different colour and pattern djembes . I got 2 same in the package . The djembes are beautiful handmade products and the sounds are amazing for all. The communication with the seller is good . I prefer to buy 15-20 more in the this year or next year.
    Thank you for the djembes.

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