Top Mali djembes (large)

Ø31 to 35 cm - Kind of wood : Mahogany, dimba, rosewood or lingue - ... Data sheet   Customer reviews
149 € the djembe from 4 pieces

max. 117

Minimum quantity for an order: 4 djembes / djembes shells. Individual photos of instruments are not available. Shipping extra. VAT overpayment (20%) may be claimed by eligible organizations.

Dimensions & materials

  • Diameter of strike zone : re 31 to 35 cm
  • Height : re 58 to 64 cm
  • Weight : re 7 to 11 kg
  • Kind of wood : Mahogany, dimba, rosewood or lingue
  • Goat skin
  • Halyard (5 mm, black / 3 colors)

A product of African craftsmen (Mali)

Made by Made by Wassoulou Percussions (Mali)

Professional djembe wholesale - Large Mali djembe drum

Very high level of finishing, professional acoustic sound, unbeatable ratio of weight/power. The Top Mali djembe is meant for the most demanding djembefola.

Dried in a vacuum for at least 4 years, the shell of the Top Mali djembe drum hollowed out, re-balanced and precisely sanded on a wood lathe. This djembe weighs in general 2 kg less than a classic Mali Djembe.

Like all our djembe drums from Mali, each Top Mali djembe is conceived in the purest tradition of the malian craftsmen who combine expertise and traditional skills.

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