Djembe kessings (small)

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9 € the kessing

max. 196

Très légères mais bien finies !

Dimensions & materials

  • Width : 11 cm
  • Thickness : 0,2 cm
  • Length : 21,5 cm
  • Tin

A product of African craftsmen (Mali)

Small djembe kessings - Kessing for djembe

The djembe kessing or ksink ksink (also called « sege-sege » or « sesse ») adds to the sound of the djembe drum by producing a metallic jingling when it is hit.

Attached to the top edge of the instrument, it may also be struck directly by the player’s thumbs.

It is said that it masks the « nasty » sounds of the djembe drum. Its presence is felt more if the drummer plays while standing.