Best djembe - Guinea djembe

Top djembe

The Top djembe stands out for its exceptional craftsmanship. It’s a high-end djembe for the most passionate djembefolas looking for an instrument of aesthetic and sonic excellence. The Top djembe shell is methodically selected for the appearance of the wood, its shape and ideally proportioned dimensions. Carved with precision, smoothed and then carefully assembled by experienced craftsmen with high-quality rope, it can be assembled with any type of natural djembe skin: goat skin, thin bovine or equine skin (donkey, horse, mule), cervid skin (antelope, deer, elk).

The Top Guinea djembe is a top range djembe. Its quality of execution is identical to that of the Premium Guinea djembe. It owes its excellence to the finishing work pushed to the extreme by Guinean sculptors and assemblers.

Produced in a specialised workshop in Conakry (Guinea), the Top Guinea djembe is made using a process similar to that of the Premium Guinea djembe, from the same diversity of wood from the forests of Fouta-Djalon.

The selection of the djembe shells is therefore based at least on the same criteria as for a higher class Guinean djembe: shape, almost no sapwood and imperfections, general appearance of the wood...

Consisting of a thick shell made of heavy or semi-heavy wood and a high-strength pre-stretched halyard rope, the Top Guinea djembe can withstand any type of mounting: traditional goat skin, bovine skin (calf, cow), equine skin (donkey, horse, mule), cervid skin (antelope, deer, elk)...

The finishing work is particularly meticulous: smooth and shiny shell, finely and precisely sculpted reliefs, "hat" mounting with skirt, foot protection with a nailed tyre...

The level of quality and finish of the Top Guinea djembe is exceptional. It reflects the professionalism of Guinean craftsmen.