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The Borborbor appeared toward the end of the 40s, a very popular style of Ewe music often played at parties or at funerals.

A crossroad for traditional and modern rhythms of Ghanaian music, it frequently accompanies praise and Christian prayers as well as sensational dance concerts.

The Borborbor consists of several drums of varying appellations, depending on the region, castanets, rattles, and sometimes even a bugle.

The Ewe, a tribe which lives primarily in Ghana and Togo, are famous throughout West Africa for their musical ensembles. They consist of drums playing complex and diversified rhythms similar to jazz and Afro-Caribbean music. One of the most well-known of these is the Agbadza.

Like many of the drums from Africa, those of the Ewe imitate the rhythms and sounds of their native language.