Cheap djembe - Guinea djembe


The Eco-djembe is a reference for percussionists looking for a traditional djembe that meets standard quality standards at an affordable price. It is made from a light wood - Gmelina - widely used in West Africa, particularly in construction and for reforestation of dry forest areas. The moderate density of this medium-hard wood reduces the weight of a djembe usually made from heavy wood by 2 to 4 kg, while retaining its excellent characteristics. The Eco-djembe can be mounted with any type of goat skin, but very thick natural skins - castrated billy goat skin or bovine skin - are not recommended to avoid any risk of deforming the shell.

The simple, raw look of the Guinean Eco-djembe brings out the light, natural colour of the wood. Inexpensive and light, the Eco-djembe has all the fundamental technical qualities of a djembe.

The wood used to make the Guinea Eco-djembe is gmelina. This light and very strong wood is 2 to 4 kg lighter than a djembe drum shell made from hardwood.

Eco-djembes from Guinea are made by Guinean craftsmen in a specialised workshop in Conakry (Guinea).