Guinea djembe

Guinea Djembe

The classic Guinean djembe is known for its sobriety. This light and cheap djembe, on the other hand, has all the fundamental technical qualities of the djembe.

The wood used to make the classic Guinea djembe is melina. This light to moderately heavy cultured wood is very strong in relation to its weight and allows a saving of 2 to 4 kg compared to a djembe shell made from a heavy wood.

The classic Guinean djembe is mounted with pre-stretched halyard and supports any kind of goat skin. The use of a very thick skin, such as a castrated billygoat skin, is however not recommended to avoid the risk of deformation of the shell.

The original assembly leaves a skin skirt that protects the upper part of the rope and signs the work of the Guinean craftsmen.

The absence of carving gives the djembe a rough aspect and brings out the light and natural colour of its wood.

These djembes are made in a specialised workshop in Conakry (Guinea).