Mali djembe - Best djembe

Prestige Mali djembe

The Prestige Mali djembe is a top range model of the Malian djembe. It is made from a selection of the best djembes from the production of our local partner.

The djembes of this range are made following the same processes as the Mali djembes +.

All the quality criteria are screened for the selection of these djembes, which therefore meet - at the very least - the same standards as a superior class Malian djembe: steamed wood, precise finishes and rigorous assembly.

A specialist carefully examines all the productions of this kind of djembe and identifies particular specimens at all stages of manufacture: shape of the shell, general aspect of the wood, absence of sapwood and imperfection, impeccable finishes...

Each djembe is then assembled and tested by professional players. This ultimate step allows us to verify the exceptional quality of the djembe, including its sound.

Adapted to any kind of later assembly due to its high quality shell and string, the Prestige Mali djembe is only equalled by its Guinean cousin.

The skin skirt of certain models completes its aesthetic singularity and durably protects the upper part of the ropes.

The Prestige Mali djembes come directly from the best workshops in Bamako.