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Cow skin djembe

A cow skin djembe is best for djembefolas looking for a warm sound close to the conga, a soft sound with powerful tonic notes and few harmonics. This kind of djembe is trending right now, for many reasons:

 the durability of cow skin is better than that of goat skin which is used traditionally on a djembe,
 it is thicker and makes a dryer sound, a round tonic, a precise slap: its harmonics do not overwhelm in venues with a lot of reverb (gyms, certain other spaces),
 it allows the soloist to create a sound different from djembe drums mounted with goat skin which may be accompanying it.

Cow skin is less supple so your hands will get a serious workout! These cow skin djembe drums were created by Malian craftsmen using traditional materials and skills.

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