Melina krin (Guinea)

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65 € the krin

max. 3

Dimensions & materials

  • Diameter : 13 to 15 cm
  • Length : 40 to 50 cm
  • Weight : 5 kg
  • Kind of wood : Bumu (whitewood) (Bombax costatum)

A product of African craftsmen (Guinea)

2- Melina krin - Guinea log drum

The krin - also called kele or kolokolo - is an African log drum originally from the Guinea Forest region. It was once used by initiates of the Soussou tribe to communicate in the bush.

Nowadays we find it in ensembles playing for African village festivities.

Played alone or in sets of three, standing up, standing or on the ground, its two notes bring a melodic nuance to traditional polyrhythms.

Our Mali krins are created by Malian craftmen using traditional materials and skills.

Overall product rating : 4.6 / 5

  • Stak 05. 4/5 1 year ago

    The lo g drum has a nice sound and looks lik an original design of west africa the sticks were bigger then I thougth but good quality .The delivery was very fast

  • Joe g eccosse. 06. 5/5 2 years ago

    Delighted with price, quality and service. I had been looking for a krin but the usual suspects (goggle ebuy)were dearer even before including postage. i expected difficulties due to brexit rules, but pleasantly surprised delivery time short and accurate. Well done

  • maljo 06. 5/5 4 years ago

    Bought a krin (log drum). It’s a good instrument - as described on the website.
    Delivery (France to London U.K.) was delayed by one day by the political turmoil in France but I ordered on Sunday and got the krin the following Friday morning.
    Good service, good communication and good authentic product.
    I’m pleased and will deal with again.