Ø11-12 cm whole calabash

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Dimensions & materials

  • Diameter : 11 to 12 cm
  • Thickness : 1 to 2 mm

A product of African craftsmen (Burkina Faso)

Ø11-12 cm whole calabash - Spherical gourd

These spherical calabashes are small whole round gourds ideal for making or repairing balafons or berimbau.

They can also be used as utilitarian objects (containers, storage, etc.) or decorative objects (excellent supports for engravings and paintings).

Overall product rating : 4.7 / 5

  • Martin 06. 5/5 1 year ago

    Really nice and sturdy. No complaint at all.

  • Robin Van den Bergh 05. 4/5 3 years ago

    I am very happy with al the kalabas but there was one broken. I can’t Yous fore building a N’Goni. Wat is here the solution? Greetings Robin Van den Bergh Inti Sound

  • Aleksandra 06. 5/5 7 years ago

    I have got what I wanted evenif it is quite rare instrument. It came quickly and in good conditione.