Djembe skin protection cover

Roots Percussions cotton Djembe hat XL (Black)

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11,50 € the cover

max. 91

Dimensions & materials

  • Cotton
  • Foam

Produit issu de l’industrie asiatique (Indonésie)

Roots Percussions cotton Djembe hat XL Black

This djembe hat is recommended for a djembe drum whose exterior diameter measures 31-38 cm, and is 58-67 cm high.

This is the ideal solution for protecting your djembe head from small shocks. It also protects it against the adverse effects of extreme temperatures or too high ambient humidity that can affect the tension of your drum.

Some also use it as mute to play the djembe without disturbing the neighbors!

This djembe head cover also fits other types of drums of the same diameter.

Overall product rating : 4.6 / 5

  • TomTom 05. 4/5 2 years ago

    Especialy for my neighbours :).

  • David 06. 5/5 3 years ago

    Again a wonderful litlle investment as protection and as neighbour friendly practice ’pads’. Thanks AP!

  • Nicolas 06. 5/5 3 years ago

    Very good