Rope for djembe drum

PES hollow rope Ø6 mm Bleu de France (100 m)

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35 € per spool
31,50 € per spool from 2 spools

max. 5

Reduced price from 2 spools, all categories included (hollow rope, reinforced rope...), excluding special offers.

Dimensions & materials

  • Rope length : 100 m
  • Single braid pre-stretched (without core)
  • Polyeste (breaking strength: 550 kg)

A product of European origins (France)

PES hollow djembe rope 6 mm Bleu de France 100 m

We recommend the hollow rope Ø6 mm for mounting djembes or drums with any type of natural skin.

It is also used for braiding tension loops on the metal hoops of large drums. This type of string - which is “flat” in shape - is ideal when the metal hoops are tightly fitted to the djembe or drum body.

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