Premium Mali djembe

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Ø33 cm - Duki (dugura, dimb) - ... Data sheet »

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High end Mali djembe

Dugura (dimba) is widely appreciated in Senegal.

Demonstration of this djembe model

We advise you to use headphones for a better appreciation of the sound qualities of the djembe.

Overall product rating : 4.6 / 5

  • Pavel. M 06. 5/5 1 year ago

    The djembe i was buying ( Prestigue Mali) 12,5 kg, Hare wood with thic skin Is super powerfull, i was surpriesed when i take it from box et home, i felt thats best djembe i have in my 20 years of playing, after tuning sound like Mamadys Keita one. Really Enjoying

  • Martin 06. 5/5 1 year ago

    Perfect quality and sounds