Top Mali djembe

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Dimensions & materials

  • Skin diameter : 32 cm
  • Height : 62,5 cm
  • Weight : 10,3 kg
  • Kind of wood : Rosewood (gueni, hare, khadi, balafon wood) (Pterocarpus erinaceus)
  • Thick shaved goat skin
  • Braided rope

A product of African craftsmen (Mali)

Made by Made by Wassoulou Percussions (Mali)

Top Mali djembe - Large professional djembe drum

A traditionally high quality instrument shaped with precision tools, the Top Mali Djembe drum is the fruit of a meeting between ancestral skills and technically, precise, modern tools.

Preemptively re-balanced using a specially adapted wood lathe, the shell of this djembe is polished through a series of sandings using progressively finer sandpapers. Any tiny micro-fractures are chamfered and glued with extraordinary precision.

It is finally coated with a blend of beeswax and terpin, protecting it from wood-eating insects.

Rosewood (gueni) is the densest wood used in the fabrication of Malian djembes.

Widely appreciated in Burkina Faso for its acoustic qualities, it is also used in the fabrication of the keys for balafons (African xylophones).

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  • Bodhi 06. 5/5 2 years ago

    Professional and great quality

  • Chinaski 06. 5/5 2 years ago

    Amazing instrument!
    My new djembe has just what I was looking for, metallic slaps and a thunderous bass, it feels great, beautifully crafted. After ordering I received it in 4 days, just as pictured and described.
    Now, that’s what I call a high quality business!

  • Rolex 06. 5/5 4 years ago

    Thanks guys, professional service, nice instruments, i would do business again. Good luck, have a nice summer;)