Dugura Mali djembe shell (large)

Ø31 cm - Kind of wood : Dugura (bush mango) - ... Data sheet »
120 € the shell

Not available.

Sold with its corresponding custom-made metal hoops.

Mali djembe shell - Dugura large djembe

A traditionally high quality instrument shaped with precision tools, this Top Mali Djembe shell is the fruit of a meeting between ancestral skills and technically, precise, modern tools.

Dried in a vacuum for at least 4 years, this shell hollowed out, re-balanced and precisely sanded on a wood lathe. It weighs in general 2 kg less than a Classic Mali Djembe.

Preemptively re-balanced using a specially adapted wood lathe, it is polished through a series of sandings using progressively finer sandpapers. Any tiny micro-fractures are chamfered and glued with extraordinary precision.

It is finally coated with a blend of beeswax and terpin, protecting it from wood-eating insects.

Dugura (dimba) is widely appreciated in Senegal.