3 dunun bells set (Guinea)

39 € the set

max. 78

Dimensions & materials

  • Size of the small-size bell : 6 x 13 cm
  • Size of the medium-size bell : 7 x 16 cm
  • Size of the large-size bell : 8 x 18 cm
  • Wrought iron

A product of African craftsmen (Guinea)

3 Guinea dunun bells set - Dundun bell

This 3 dunun bells set is an essential companion for dunun drums, whether they be the small or the normal size.

Made of wrought iron, the dunun bell allows you to create a wide range of sounds which accompany the rhythms of the dundun drum.

Each dundun bell is conceived in the purest tradition of the Guinean craftsmen who combine expertise and traditional skills.

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