Rosewood tumba

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Ø33,5 - Kind of wood : Rosewood (gueni, hare, khadi, balafon wood) - ... Data sheet »

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Tumba montée directement en Afrique avec les matériaux sur place.

Conga for sale - Rosewood tumba conga drum

Solid, cut from a single piece of dense wood, this tumba is a conga drum of a rare quality.

The drumhead is mounted with wrought iron hoops and adjustable steel screws.

Rosewood (khadi, gueni) is the densest wood used in the fabrication of Malian djembes.

Widely appreciated in Burkina Faso for its acoustic qualities, it is also used in the fabrication of the keys for balafons (African xylophones).

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  • C. Davis 06. 5/5 4 months ago

    Great company. Solid communication when the shipment was delayed. The drum arrived in great shape and sounds awesome.