Ghana djembe

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Cheap djembe for sale - Large Ghana djembe drum

The Ghana djembe is an authentic instrument which offers excellent acoustic quality at the best price.

It is the ideal djembe drum to discover or perfect your practice in traditional West African music.

This djembe is conceived by Ghanaian craftsmen using local materials and traditional skills.

Overall product rating : 4.6 / 5

  • Zuzana C. 06. 5/5 1 year ago


  • Bogdan 06. 5/5 3 years ago

    I receved great ghana djembe just today! I am so happy with it, and i hope i will enjoy it for a while! thank u, best regards from Serbia! :D

  • Zoltan 05. 4/5 4 years ago

    I bought 4 djembes, the shipping time was only 5 days, do it is good enough. I ordered 4 different colour and pattern djembes . I got 2 same in the package . The djembes are beautiful handmade products and the sounds are amazing for all. The communication with the seller is good . I prefer to buy 15-20 more in the this year or next year.
    Thank you for the djembes.

  • Orange Raiden 06. 5/5 6 years ago

    I bought a large Ghana djembe. I’m started play djembe almost few days ago and I didn’t know which djembe to choose. After some research I knew how exactly will faced my Djembe. Than after some googling I found it here at Thanks a lot all of you! Jah bless you! (=