Ropes and very very thick shaved castrated billygoat skin for djembe

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Photo non contractuelle. Taille et teinte variables selon la peau. Vous pouvez préciser vos besoins dans la partie « A propos de votre commande » située en fin de commande (sélection possible sous réserve du stock disponible). Ces peaux naturelles présentent parfois des défauts mineurs sans conséquence, ni sur leur qualité, ni sur le son de votre instrument. Lisez nos conseils à ce propos ci-dessous.

Dimensions & materials

  • Castrated billygoat skin (very very thick)
  • 10 m of pre-stretched hilyard Ø4 mm (black)
  • 20 m of pre-stretched halyard Ø5 mm (black)

A product of African craftsmen (Mali)

Djembe mounting and repairing - Ropes and very very thick shaved castrated billygoat skin for djembe

This djembe mounting and repair kit contains:

  • 1 very very thick shaved Sahel castrated billygoat skin (width : from 60 to 75 cm, length : from 65 to 90 cm, thickness : from 1,5 to 1,8 mm)
  • 10 m of Ø4 mm prestretched polyester rope (black)
  • 20 m of Ø5 mm prestretched polyester rope (black)

We advise using a castrated billygoat skin to percussionists who are looking for a very warm sound, with almost no harmonics.

It is equally important to choose a thick shell, with a high quality dry wood to mount this type of replacement skin for djembe or drum head. Indeed, the risk of deformation is higher when using very very thick goat skins or cowhides.

Overall product rating : 4.7 / 5

  • stray 05. 4/5 2 years ago

    allways good skins and rope....the last one had a small indentation in the middle which refused to stretch away entirely .....sound is not affected though just the visuals

  • David 06. 5/5 3 years ago

    Un’beatable’ (haha) for the price. Just brought two of my djembe’s back to life with this ropes and skin kit. Love it! Thanks AP! Drums brought back to life beating the worries away!

  • David 06. 5/5 3 years ago

    Perfect! Every time again!