Ghana mini-sangban

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Good deal 75 € the mini-sangban instead of 90 €

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15 euros de réduction en raison d’une rustine installée sur l’une des 2 peaux.

Dimensions & materials

  • Skin diameter : 29 cm
  • Length : 30 cm
  • Weight : 4,1 kg
  • Kind of wood : Melina (beechwood) (Gmelina arborea)
  • Halyard (black)

A product of African craftsmen (Guinea)

Ghana sangban dunun mini-drum - Mini-dundun

Melina is a fast-growing tree that is relatively strong for its weight.

Its low to moderately heavy wood makes it possible to make light instruments that are easier to carry, more comfortable to play standing up (as in the case of the djembe or dundun drums), and just as rich in sound as instruments made with heavy wood.

It is a durable wood used in various fields such as construction, marine carpentry, joinery, cabinet making, musical instruments... because it is resistant to rot and termites.

Highly appreciated for the shade and coolness it provides, it is a tree that is often found in the courtyards of houses, in village squares, along city avenues or on the edges of fields in the countryside.