Guinea mini-dunun set

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Ce sont les derniers sets.. Les tailles sont plus petites, mais ça fonctionne quand même très bien.

Guinea mini-dunun set - Dundun drums

Light, manageable, this Guinea mini-dunun set plays all the traditional polyrhythms!

It works especially well in marching bands or orchestras.

Overall product rating : 4.8 / 5

  • Mariliza Niko 06. 5/5 1 year ago

    I am super satisfied with the mini dundun set ! The quality is excellent, the craftsmanship is traditional and I am very happy with my purchase !

  • Rolex 06. 5/5 5 years ago

    Nice stuff guys, I ordered a set of dunduns,
    arrived safely, professional crew and costumer services. happy days :) thanks you so much!

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